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Weddings and Civil Partnerships

Young couple holding hands and looking down
This will be one of the most, if not the most important day of your life. If you are now planning this momentous day, please firstly accept my sincere congratulations and very best wishes!

When I am booked for a Wedding/Civil Partnership, a lot of planning will take place (by me) following a meeting or telephone consultation. 

You are effectively commissioning your own private Project Manager for your special day! Prior to your arrival at your chosen venue I will be meeting with all of the venue staff who will be involved in your day or providing your catering, liaising with other suppliers to ensure everything you have planned is in place, ensuring your table plan is laid as you required, ensuring any gift table (if required) is in place and ensuring any gifts you will be giving are in the right place for your access.
I will ensure any issues are ironed out to make your day perfect. This will be done prior to your arrival and throughout the proceedings. 

At your venue I will meet and greet your guests, guiding them to where they need to be and advising of any facilities that they may require. I will work with your photographer/videographer (if you have one) to ensure everything runs smoothly and to your plan.

I will keep both you and your intended well informed on what is coming up throughout the day, and potentially where you will be required to be, and when, to be certain of a really smooth transition throughout the day.

I will perform any announcements required, with decorum at a level that would have already been discussed and agreed with you prior to your day (the only thing that really has to be starchy on your day is my shirt!). If you choose to have a receiving line, I will ensure that you and the other participants in the line are in the right place at the right time. Should you wish for me to announce the guests into the receiving line, this, of course, will be no problem.
Once all the guests have entered the dining area, the announcement to bring ‘The Happy Couple’ into the room will again be set at a level with which you will feel comfortable. After all, it is YOUR day; I am engaged to carry out your wishes and requests to the highest standard.

During your celebration meal, I will ensure that you and your top table are correctly catered for, and ensure all the guest’s needs are met. My attention to detail is essential to ensuring everything is correct.

I will do all that is possible to ensure that your meal runs to the time schedule agreed with the venue. On many occasions meals may overrun and can sometimes result in evening guests arriving before you are prepared for them.
If you request it, I will announce all of the speeches and toasts, and will be positioned behind (or close to) any speaker to discreetly assist if needed. I can advise you of the order of speeches and toasts to be proposed, and by whom. 

When all formalities are complete, I will ensure you both leave the dining room with the level of attention you require (or don’t require). I will ensure that the guests retire from the dining room for the room to be refreshed (if this is part of your plan).
Possibly only some of the aforementioned procedures will take place, and maybe some of your own ideas included. 

This all depends on YOUR requirements, this will naturally be discussed when we meet personally or discuss on the telephone.

I look forward to hearing from you, and am happy to advise on form, protocol, procedures etc. I can recommend other suppliers with whom I have successfully worked in the past. However, in the meantime, good luck with planning your fabulous event!
Young couple holding hands and looking down
Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your personal bespoke requirements with no obligation: 
(normally a quicker response from the mobile number) or use the website contact form and I will get back to you.

Masonic/Black Tie/Charity Events 

Elegant round party table. Setting could be for a wedding, birthday, or any occasion.
Having planned, attended and officiated at countless Masonic, Black Tie and Charity events added to my extensive training with the Professional Toastmasters Academy (London) and being a “Fellow” of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters, I am well placed to run the event for you. 

Naturally I will meet, or have a telephone consultation with you to ensure that the event is carried out in a manner that you would hope for - this may be with much or little formality. 

I will be liaising with any other suppliers you may have engaged for the event, ensuring everyone has the same goal which should mean making the event the best it can be, ensuring your guests are correctly catered for, greeted, and kept informed about the fundraising of the night, conducting any raffle, auction, silent auction and any other fundraising you may have planned for the event. I will also make all announcements with the degree of formality or informality agreed. 
There may be a receiving line, there may not, it is your event, and it will be run this way. 

I am able to organise and announce any Grace(s), wine taking, toasts and speeches. I am also very well accomplished in singing the song to the ladies at Masonic events, and have been singing it for many years. 
My other responsibilities include: 
- conducting raffles at an appropriate pace, as you would not want your guests to be either rushed or bored! 
- calling your guests to the Dinner or Luncheon Service, 
- ensuring that the entrance of the distinguished guest and the key players of the event is completely appropriate for your needs. 

Corporate Events/
Product Launches 

Wedding glasses filled with champagne
From a formal banquet to a cocktail party, I am sure you will find me as an experienced, well trained, professional toastmaster of massive benefit and value for your event. 

From meeting and greeting guests, ensuring they are all correctly catered for (as of your requirements) to announcing any meal to be taken, organising (if required) receiving line, calling your guests to dinner and announcing the entrance (and later exit) of the key players and distinguished guests, I will cover everything to make sure that the event runs as you would hope and planned for. 

Whether you may need something as simple as greeting guests or just a formal presence who is immaculately presented for a more low key event where you require a formal presence, I am well prepared to fulfill your requirements. 

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvahs 

A Jewish Girl in the temple for her Bat Mitzvah. She is holding a yad in front of the Torah
You have been waiting for many years for this time to come, and no doubt been planning for some time your son's Bar mitzvah or your daughter's Bat mitzvah, mazel tov! 

Following extensive training with the Professional Toastmasters Academy (London) and being a “Fellow” of the guild of Professional Toastmasters, I am perfectly trained and able to officiate the proceedings at such an auspicious event. 

 Naturally I will meet, or have a telephone consultation with you to ensure that the event is carried out in a manner that you would hope for, this may be with much or little formality, dependant on your traditionalism. 

Following a meeting or telephone consultation to discuss your individual requirements, I will arrive at the venue before the guests to ensure everything is correctly laid, and everything you have booked or planned for is in place. 
Thus, I will be there to meet your guests, announce the “Call to dinner” and arrange a receiving line if required. Obviously when all the guests are in the banqueting room, it is time to bring the Bar or Bat mitzvah in with their parents. This will be done to ensure the moment will never be forgotten by any of you - however low key may be your choice - and that will be perfect too. It is your family event, and I am here to ensure that is how it is run. 

If required to announce Both Loyal Toasts, I will ensure correct equipment is required for and both Hamotzi and Benching are carried out with appropriate decorum. If your wish is to perform the ceremony of the seven candles, this of course will be carried out. 

The Flexibility I have will ensure that this special day is remembered by you, your family and all your guests for all the right reasons. 
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